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Xano is dedicated to the safeguarding of customer data. Security is placed at the forefront of our product strategy, emphasizing its utmost importance. In constructing our platform, we adhere to the industry's finest practices, ensuring it is robust, scalable, and fortified against potential threats. Continuous vigilance and periodic evaluations of our program are conducted to guarantee that it aligns with, or surpasses, the standards of compliance and regulatory obligations.

Jacques Antikadjian: Co-Founder & CSO

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We are working on our security compliance. We can provide completed questionnaires upon request.

We are constantly monitoring the security of our website. We will post our grades from public security rating agencies when they become available.

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    Does Xano employ Static Application Security Testing (SAST)?
    How does Xano ensure proper input sanitation from the end-user?
    What protocols are used by Xano?
    Which regions are supported by Xano’s SaaS offering?
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